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Mercedes Benz Are Pioneers Of Safety Technology And Style – Major Reason To Invest In It!

Everyone dreams to drive in high-end cars like Mercedes-Benz at least once. Many people rent a luxury car to fulfill their dream, as they cannot afford buying. The reasons that people are a diehard fan of Mercedes Benz is due to committed efforts from engineers to offer drivers the most available safe drive. Mercedes Benz has set a standard for safety with countless innovations regarding accident avoidance.

Safe technology pioneers

Many safety features are made available for driving confidently ahead on the road.

  • PRESAFE system – It is capable to sense a collision in advance. Brake power gets initiated, front seat belts tightens, front and passenger seats head restraints get adjusted as well as the sunroof and windows close as soon as a collision gets detected. Audile alert will also be sent but if driver does not respond car applies 100% brake power automatically, so as to decrease collision impact.

  • ATTENTION ASSIST – Your individual driving style gets identified in the first few minutes of your driving. Therefore when in a long road drive, when you get tired the program detects specific steering errors and sends an alert signal, which encourages you to take a break.
  • NIGHT VIEW ASSIST PLUS – At night, noticing upcoming obstacles on the road is difficult but Night View Assist Plus technology drivers can avoid animals and pedestrians easily. A special camera along with invisible infrared beams help drivers to get real-time view on dark roads.
  • BLIND SPOT MONITORING – Vehicle alongside yours can be detected, which could otherwise be missed from rearview mirror.

  • LANE KEEPING ASSIST – This technology helps to monitor your track driving. If it identifies that you are drifting outside the lane then steering wheel will vibrate. Moreover, it may apply brakes on vehicle’s single side to slow your speed and direct back inside the lane.
  • ADAPTIVE HIGH BEAM ASSIST – Specialized cameras are installed, which scan road ahead for lights beaming from other vehicles. On the calculation it receives, your car illumination will maximize or minimize to ensure that unwanted glare does not get created on the oncoming vehicles. It helps to protect you and the other drivers driving on the road.

You can see how committed Mercedes Benz is in offering advanced safety features. You can take a test drive by visiting the local Mercedes dealership showroom and learn more about its mbrace Connect technology and warranty options.

Undoubtedly, Mercedes Benz offer value for price, chance to add features or upgrades, and is a symbol of status. However, you need to take care of the car just like a family member to maintain the Mercedes-Benz legacy.

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