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Is Riding A BMW R1200GS Adventurous Or Not

BMW is a car that everyone dreams of. It is a big bike that gives the best performance and looks simply classy. There is one of the recently released version of BMW car and it is R1200GS. Sales of this car have gotten up as soon as it is introduced in the market. Adventurous ride is one of the reasons why it is so popular among public.

Features of BMW R1200GS

The popularity behind this niche model is due to its several amazing features. This car introduces a comprehensively updated automobile that is powered by semi liquid-cooled, 1,170cc boxer motor. This adventure model has got a series of unique revisions post its standard release. All these revisions are intended to suit better to lapping the world. If you are looking to buy a BMW car, then https://performancenc.ca could be the best place for you.

Its engine is an eight-valve unit that is based on the GS’s dohc. It shares its 125bhp output but offers a heavy flywheel to smooth low revolution delivery. Adventure comprises of BMW’s traction control, different riding options such as softer Rain and standard road. These options infuse a thrill in ride. This superb engine combines character along with punch at high revolutions and traditional boxer flexibility that makes the adventure quick and more enjoyable to ride.

How Adventure models differ from standard BMW models?

The major features of Adventure model over the standard BMW model is its remarkable fuel range, strength and off-road ability. Its fuel tank comes with an ability to hold 30 liters liquid. This storage is 50 percentage more than what a standard model could hold for roughly three hundred miles.

Suspension has got an extra twenty mm of travel present at each of its ends. Wire spoked wheels, tubular steel crash bars and aluminum sump guard makes it a lot tougher, heavier and taller.

What changes were made by the BMW development team?

The development team of BMW made efforts to minimize certain drawbacks in the standard model of BMW. Some of the enhancements were: a lighter tank is made in place of aluminum in place of plastic. Other changes are a height adjustable seat with narrowness at the front. This makes it reach the ground easy.


One of the biggest selling features of BMW R1200GS is the adventurous experience it makes for its riders. There are numerous features that make this car stand out from others. In all, it is a great investment for adventure lovers.

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