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Air Filters: How Often do you Clean Them?

Car owners should realize the significance of the air filter to their vehicles. For most cars, this car part allows the entry of clean air into the engine and prevents debris and dust from entering the engine. When air filters become dirty, it becomes more difficult for air to enter the engine, thus the latter won’t be able to perform its intended job. As a result, your car has to deal with various issues.

Common Problems Associated with Dirty Filters

Some of the symptoms of a dirty air filter include poor fuel mileage, higher emissions, rough ideal, engine misfires, emissions control system issues and starting problems. A lot of these problems result from having not enough air and having too much fuel. A clogged or dirty air filter can result in some problems that are commonly experienced with other malfunctioning parts. Ensure you get the parts changed right away once you start noticing issues with how your car is performing. Although a starting problem is likely to be associated with the battery, alternator or ignition system, it could also mean the need to replace the filter.

Why Change the Air Filters

Changing your car’s air filter regularly can lead to some benefits for your vehicle and your wallet. These benefits include the following:

  • More efficient fuel. Ensuring your car always run with a clean filter can improve its fuel efficiency. Also, this can increase acceleration.
  • Reduced emissions. Your car’s emission control systems are directly impacted by the amount of air that flows into the engine due to the changed air-fuel mixture. Apart from improving the performance of your engine, changing the filters can keep the emission control systems operating.

  • Extended engine life. As air filters trap dirt and dust, they play a role in how long your engine will last. The filters can block debris and dust from entering the engine and damaging its parts.
  • Affordability. Air filters are affordable parts and easy to install. Without a professional experience, you can install them on your own. To make sure there is no problem along the way, purchase filters made for your car’s particular make and model.

How often do you check your filter? Air filters play an important role in your engine’s efficiency and life so pay extra attention to them. Being aware of some important automotive facts and tips ensures you always have a clean and functioning filters and engine.

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